About Healthpro Naturals

Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is Incorporated Registered under Indian Companies Act 1956.

Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Direct Selling Company of Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Oral Care, FMCG, Household, and Lifestyle & Agriculture Products in India.

We are a Fastest Growing Direct Selling Company with simple strategies Quality Products. We are committed to serve you quality of Life, a Long term Business Opportunity with quality Products.

With a strong vision to establish itself into a role model techno-commercial organization within the Direct Selling industry, Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. intends to make a profound social contribution to the society. Going beyond a mere paper intention, it is committed to walk its talk in its trust sense.

Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is lead by an extremely successful group of industrialists and is ably supported by a team of professionals having in-depth industry knowledge. With a die-hard commitment to cater to people coming from all segments of the society, by going beyond responding to their primary needs, Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. is all set to create extra-ordinary success stories of people from all walks of life.

Taking a serious note of our intent, a large number of people have already reposed their unconditional faith on us.
Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. offers a wide range of internationally acclaimed quality products in the field of Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Oral Care, FMCG, Household, and Lifestyle & Agriculture Products in India. Company’s headquartered in Haldwani, Uttrakhand ,India.

About Founder

Fountder & CEO

Mr. Rishi Kumar is a Founder & CEO of the Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. He is having more than 14 Years Experience in the field of Direct Selling Industry.
He worked with Various Multi National & Indian Companies as a distributor to Crown Ambassador & He is having more than 10 Years Experience in the field of Management for various Industries. He worked with various Multi National & Indian Companies in Higher Management.
He will take care of the Management for Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd.

Chief Executive Officer Message

Biohealthpro Naturals Pvt. Ltd. Has taken a great leap to give you all complete solutions to Health, Wealth and Freedom from a single platform. HealthPro research team studied Indian market in great depth and keeps a tab on the latest happenings and trends so that Indian consumers can gain access to the best products of the world has to offer in the field of Health care, Personal Care, Home Care, Beauty Care, Oral Care, FMCG, Household, Lifestyle & Agriculture Products. We are committed to improving the Health of the People & Standards of living and promoting inter culture influences to try and make this country a better place to live in.

Our constant concern for the betterment of Health & Intellectual Marketing in this country has given us a common platform to join hands and lift the Health of the People & Intellectual Marketing and the HealthPro Business Owner along with it to the new heights, which I believe is overdue! As per information, India is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. It is the best country for Intellectual Marketing concept provided it should suit the Indian values, presented to them in Indian manner and the business plan should cater to the requirements of the leaders and consumers.

Every human being on this planet has dreams. He does every bit to fulfill those dreams. Is there any human who does not like living in luxuries and getting self-recognition? But, self-recognitions and the best of finance demand best of hard work, which in turn in depends upon opportunity available. HealthPro aims to fulfill every Indian's dream. We can convert our dream into reality by making HealthPro "Healthy Progressive Initiative" as one of the best Intellectual marketing company, which will produce the maximum successful winners in India with complete freedom of health and wealth. I bring this amazing opportunity to you and invite one and all to the wonderful family of HealthPro to join the breathtaking journey forthwith.

Mission & values

" To provide innovation with easy methods to help all the members of our company "

» Improve employee engagement and productivity.
» Increase distributors satisfaction and loyalty.
» Better understand and serve the needs of our distributors.
» To be the most respectable company in terms of Direct Selling Company.
» Believe : You must believe in the Company, in your team and above all in you.
» Sincerity : You must be sincere in your every action.
» Loyalty : You must be loyal to your family, your team and your Company.
» Integrity : Integrity includes you all character.
» Honesty : Honesty means being fair, not only dealings with others but being honest with ourselves also.
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